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The Prosecutor General's Message in Labour & Migration publication, Issue - 01, March 2016


As the Prosecutor General of the country, it is my foremost duty to welcome and commend the initiative taken by the Ministry of Economic Development in publishing “LABOUR & MIGRATION” as its first publication to highlight Government’s Labour, employment and migration policies and for dedicating the first issue on anti-human trafficking effort.      

The fight against those who seek to exploit others is one that must be tackled nationally and internationally. Our engagement with relevant stakeholders through the National Steering Committee on human trafficking is helping us to achieve this. Our work with partner and source countries, in particular, is significant in raising the issue of human trafficking at regional level and preventing people from becoming victims in the first place.

We are committed to improve and strengthen our approach to prosecute and convict traffickers by overcoming the many systemic challenges in our adolescent criminal justice system. Although the figures on human trafficking prosecution and conviction rates are relatively low in Maldives, they do not provide the full picture. Traffickers are subject to prosecution for a number of possible offences which may carry similar or more serious penalties than human trafficking charges.

In 2015, key developments were seen in the prevention aspect of human trafficking, especially through awareness programs. In our efforts to strengthen the cooperation between our partner and source countries, further steps will be taken in the coming weeks to improve our Mutual Legal Assistance regime, enabling effective sharing of information for investigation and prosecution of traffickers.

Our commitment to combat human trafficking is unequivocal, so much so that each year we are strengthening our measures on identification and prevention, toughening our action on traffickers and improving care for the victims. These measures will contribute to the betterment of not only our citizens, but those migrant laborers who play a key role in building our nation.


Aishath Bisham

Prosecutor General


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