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Works, Aim, and Vision

Article 220 of the Constitution states that the Prosecutor General shall perform his duties and responsibilities in accordance with the Constitution and laws passed by the Parliament. Article 223 of the Constitution defines the responsibilities and powers of the Prosecutor General as follows.
  • To supervise the prosecution of all criminal offences in the Maldives;
  • To consider and assess evidence presented by investigating bodies to determine whether charges should be pursued;
  • To institute and conduct criminal proceedings against any person before any court in respect of any alleged offence;
  • To oversee the legality of preliminary inquiries and investigations into alleged criminal activity;
  • To monitor and review the circumstances and conditions under which any person is arrested, detained or otherwise deprived of freedom prior to trial;
  • To order any investigation that deems desirable into complaints of criminal activity or into any other criminal activity of which he becomes aware;
  • To take over, review and continue any criminal proceedings instituted by any prosecuting body authorized to initiate prosecutions pursuant to a law enacted by the People’s Majilis, and at his discretion to discontinue any criminal proceedings at any stage prior to judgment;
  • To review or revert any decisions to prosecute or not to prosecute any alleged offender, or to discontinue any prosecution;
  • To appeal any judgment, verdict or decision in a criminal matter;
  • To issue policy directives which shall be observed in the entire prosecutorial process;
  • To uphold the constitutional order, the law, and the rights and freedoms of all citizens.

To perform the responsibilities assigned to this office with equality, honesty and integrity, free from influence and promptly.

To uphold the rule of law and provide transparent and equitable representation of the state in the criminal justice system.